Selling Your Home in Maine Winters

Selling in the Winter

Here we go home sellers, let’s huddle up and take a closer look at the benefits of selling when the snow starts to fall.

Days Off

You may think that people will be less likely to check out your home during the chaos of the holidays, but keep in mind that most people get more time off of work during the holiday season. This will leave them with more time to look through their favorite home apps and swing through some open houses and showings. Having an open house for your home during the holidays allows you to include holiday decor in your staging. What a great way to help buyers picture themselves in their future home!

It Doesn’t Get Cold and Snowy Online

In this day and age, the vast majority of buyers look for homes online before venturing out in person. That means that no matter how many feet of snow just fell outside, buyers will still be on the hunt. This instant access to property listings has had a major impact on the typical seasons buyers go looking for homes.

Spring is still the peak buying season (May 2nd is historically the most popular listing day of the year), however serious home buyers are always looking. They will be checking the latest listings on their phones before bed or scrolling through while waiting for their kid’s hockey halftime to end. Even though the weather may be changing, the internet makes it possible for vivacious buyers to keep up their efforts.

Serious Buyers Only

Everyone wants to show homes when it is sunny and inviting, but what about when it is negative ten degrees outside and the wind is howling..not so much. This is a huge benefit for sellers because you won’t have to waste time with unmotivated buyers. If buyers are trudging around in freezing weather or taking time away from holidays to look at your home, they must be serious. This is because many winter buyers are working against a deadline, whether it is an expiring lease, relocation, or contract on their current home.

Fewer Listings to Compete With

As I mentioned above, spring is when listings flood onto the market. If you wait too long, you may get buried by all of the other available homes. If you list in the winter, there will be far fewer competing sellers on the market. With fewer homes to choose from, buyers will be eager to see your property and your home will likely sell faster.

Tips for Winter Home Sellers

As I discussed above, there are a multitude of reasons to sell your home in the winter. Here are a few tips to ensure the buyers are fully enticed by your home.

  1. Cozy it Up! – Light a fire in the hearth (or if you don’t have a fireplace, turn on a fireplace video loop on your tv), play some holiday music in the background, prepare some holiday cookies for showings, give out some candy canes, or consider using an essential oils diffuser to fill your home with a warm cinnamon smell.
  2. Keep Decorations Neutral – If you happen to be selling around the holiday season, make sure you keep your decorations simple. Similar to the overall staging of your home, you want to keep things neutral so buyers from any walk of life or religious background can picture themselves in your home.
  3. Take Down Outside Decor – You might love your inflatable reindeer, but some buyers may find it offputting so stick to the neutral, simple decor theme.
  4. Keep Outside Lights On – Maine winters are dark! Make sure to leave your porch lights on for evening showings so you set an inviting atmosphere. If you put up string lights (or twinkle lights as I like to call them), make sure you don’t go overboard. Remember we are trying to keep the decor neutral and avoid looking overbearing. \
  5. Clean up Snow – Maine winters are beautiful but remember that buyers are showing your home so they can see all of the details. Make sure you plow & shovel appropriately so buyers have easy access. Try your best to provide home photos where your home is not blanketed in snow so buyers can see the details they are looking for.

Don’t forget, the better your home shows, the faster it will sell and the higher the sales price will be.

Selling Your Home in Maine Winters

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